Disclaimer and Introduction

Disclaimer and Introduction   Rev-A


This website should not be used as a substitute for medical advice from qualified medical personnel. Use it as a guide for questions to ask about your specific situation and treatment with all three PC specialists.
The intent is to help you select the very best treatment for you and provide treatment information, options and even future directions that affect both you and your family. I recommend not only consulting with the three PC specialists, but also obtaining second opinions if there is any doubt in your mind as to what treatment to have including active surveillance.  Second opinions refer not only to visiting with doctors, but to have your pathology slides and report also reviewed by a different medical institution.
When it come to your health, you must be your main advocate, as it is your life and quality of life that is at risk.


“If you do not read the newspapers, you will be uninformed

If you read the newspapers, you will be misinformed”

Will Rogers

This has never been truer than articles written about prostate cancer (PC)

Clarification 1: The use of the word “he” when referring to doctors in general, is also meant to include both male and female doctors.

The information in this website is not just for men in this Boston area. Indeed, it is for people all over this country, especially in rural areas further from the “enlightened” medical teaching centers. However, being in or near a medical teaching facility, does not guarantee that every doctor is enlightened. You, the patient must be very diligent to do what is best for you.

This website cannot decrease the number of newly diagnosed cases, but I assure you, if the readers who have been diagnosed with PC follow the advice contained herein, it will probably drastically decrease the number of men with PC who will be maimed with terrible side effects.

Information helps people make better decisions

Clarification 2-The use of the term Watchful Waiting anywhere in this document is to be considered synonymous with the words Active Surveillance, or Delayed Treatment. I do not differentiate in the definition. It means the man with prostate cancer is under the care of a medical doctor who specializes in prostate cancer.

Newly Diagnosed Men
If you have recently been diagnosed, but not treated, it may be especially vital for you to attend a few support group meetings before you decide on a treatment. There is a high probability that you may be able to delay treatment for a few years, or many years or even forever, regardless of your age, and regardless of what your doctor told you. Your OUTCOME WILL NOT BE AFFECTED by this delay if you meet the Watchful Waiting Criteria. (See Watchful Waiting/Active Surveillance Segment).
There are many superb doctors in the United States and in the Boston area that will confirm and recommend Watchful Waiting (WW), but you must specifically discuss this topic in detail BEFORE making a treatment choice. Do not short change yourself. Most men who are treated suffer from side effects from their prostate cancer treatment for years. Unbiased information is available from men who were treated.
It is also very desirable and beneficial to attend a good prostate cancer support group, before you make a treatment decision, to become aware of ALL the treatment options, before you select any treatment
Although the first doctor you visit will probably suggest a treatment option, it may not be the best one for you. Medicine is a business, a huge business, and you should avail yourself of every treatment option, regardless of what any doctor recommends. It is your quality of life, and your life that is at risk.


There are a number of extremely important items the reader should be concerned with, and knowledgeable about to help his decision on what to do after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Some of these are hard to believe. These include:


1-     Learn why 200,000 men who have been treated for prostate cancer, have a RECURRENCE, every year in the United States

2-     The facts about Active Surveillance (also called Watchful Waiting (WW), or Delayed Treatment).  Hundreds of thousands of men are on a Watchful Waiting protocol, but large numbers of doctors are against this approach, and mislead their patients by hiding the facts, thereby subjecting their patient to unnecessary side effects that may last a lifetime.

3-     The pros and Cons of diet about which foods are supposed to cause prostate cancer or worsen the cancer. The role vitamins and supplements play is also exposed, regardless of the advertisements about their benefits.

4-     The myth that exercise can prevent or affect the progression of prostate cancer. See the “Causes and Prevention” Segment.

5-     The Myths about how to prevent prostate cancer. See the ”Causes and Prevention “ Segment

6-     The Side Effects and their severity that every treatment has, and how often they occur, and why the medical profession tries to minimize this issue.

7-     The Pros and Cons of Robotic Surgery, and why many doctors are against this form of treatment. See 3.0 in the “Treatment Options” Segment

8-     Getting a Second Opinion is an excellent idea. Should the second opinion be different from the first, there is nothing wrong with obtaining a third opinion. Second opinions of the pathology report may result in a different treatment in some cases, and should also be considered. See Section 5.4 in the Treatment Options Segment

9-     The Myths about unusual causes of prostate cancer caused by sex, sexual activity, sunlight, the shape of certain body parts, weight, height, race and smoking. See the ”Causes and Prevention “ Segment

10- The Treatment Options Segment also has the following three (3) surprises:

A- The hospital your doctor is affiliated with may determine the treatment recommended to you !    Is it possible this is not the best treatment for you?  See section 4.2

B- Many doctors recommend the more expensive Robotic Surgery instead of the Standard Open Surgery, to pay for the million dollar robotic system the hospital purchased?  See section 3.2

C- Self Referrals. You may be referred to a privately owned Radiation Center, even by a Urologist because he has a financial interest in this radiation center. Is this in your best interest? See section 4.4

11- The Documents of Interest Segment has the following documents:
A-Interviews With Your Prostate Cancer Doctors
B- Tips on doing the Kegel Exercises to help or prevent Urinary Leakage
C-Tumor, Nodes, and Metastasis (TNM) prostate Cancer Staging System