Kegel (Pelvic Floor ) Exercises

 Tips on doing the Kegel  (Pelvic Floor ) Exercises

How to identify the correct muscle

1-The easiest way to identify your Pelvic Floor Muscles are to squeeze the muscle in the rectal area as if you want to hold back gas or a bowel movement. To be sure you are using the correct muscle, place your finger just inside your rectumand squeeze  the muscle around your finger. You should be able to feel a tightening around your finger as you contract the proper muscle.
2-To determine that you are also not squeezing the wrong muscles, place your hands flat on your abdomen, on both sides of your belly button, and while doing the above exercises, you should not  feel your stomach moving. Squeezing the wrong abdominal  muscles too hard, and too strenuously may cause a hernia. When done properly, there should be no discomfort or pain.
Do not hold your breath when doing these exercises
3-Remember, never squeeze or tighten your stomach, legs or buttock muscles. These exercises can be done anywhere at anytime. No one will know you are exercising.

Doing the exercise

1-     Squeeze the muscle you identified earlier and hold for 8 seconds. Then relax the muscle for 8 seconds.  This squeezing and relaxing is one is one exercise.
2-     2- Do 15 exercises three times a day
3-     After a few days or a week, squeeze for 12 seconds and then relax for 12 seconds
4-      Try to build up to 25 exercises at each one time.
5-     You may also do the exercises 5 or 10 times a day, spaced out in time, and eventually build up to 25 seconds and 10 times a day. As long as you do the exercises correctly, you will not hurt yourself.  Over-exercising may cause muscle fatigue, and increase urine leakage
6-     Another exercise is to do quick contractions and releases
7-     You should squeeze (contract)the muscles as you exhale.
8-     In the beginning it is best to do these exercises lying down, to reduce the stress on the muscles. Bend your knees, or place a pillow under your knees to better relax
9-     These exercises may be done while you are lying down, sitting or standing.


1-It is just as important to relax the muscle as it is to contract the muscle.
2-I have been told that if you do not regain control in about nine (9) months of doing these exercises, then continuing the Kegel Exercises will probably yield not further benefits. Usually, if the Kegel exercise is going to help, you will notice an improvement in a few months.
3-If you lift heavy objects or grandchildren during the period you are doing these exercises, you will probably wet. This is normal, until you have regained urinary control, and your Sphincter Muscle has attained full strength. Try to remember to squeeze before you sneeze, lift, cough or blow  your nose.
4 – If you are unsure whether you are dong theses exercises correctly, many hospitals have a Urodynamic Laboratory, or Continence Center where one or two visits will show you how to do the exercises correctly.
5- When the exercise is done properly, you should not feel any discomfort in your abdomen or back.

Kegel  Pronounced (Kay-gull)