Schedule of Programs

 Boston Prostate Cancer Support Group

2021 Support Group Meeting Schedule

January 4 Speaker: Christina Dieli-Conwright, PhD, MPH, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
Topic is: Exercise as Medicine for Prostate Cancer Survivorship
6pm: Active Surveillance with Gene

February 1 Speaker: Dr Peter Chang, Director, BIDMC Prostate Cancer Center.
Topic is: Quality of life and prostate cancer.
6pm: Advanced with Frank and Glenn

March 1 Speaker: Sophia C. Kamran, M.D. GU radiation oncologist at MGH
Topic is: Prostate radiation and toxicity in the modern era: Triumphs through tribulations.
6pm: Newly Diagnosed, Gary Halvorsen

April 5 Speaker:: Kathleen Mahoney MD, PHD, BIDMC
Topic is: Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Genitourinary Cancer
6pm: Active Surveillance with Gene, Incontinence and ED with Bill Tinney

May 3 Speaker: Dr Marc Garnick, Medical Oncologist, BIDMC
Topic is: Advances in prostate cancer in 2020.
6pm: Advanced with Frank and Glenn

June 7 Speaker:Dr. Mark Pomerantz, Medical oncologist at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
Topic is: Genetics in prostate cancer.
6pm: Advanced Cancer and Newly Diagnosed

July 12 Speaker: Robert J. Carrasquillo, MD, Reproductive Urology & Sexual Medicine, BIDMC.
Topic is: Erectile Dysfunction.
6pm: Active Surveillance

August 2: Speaker:
Topic is:

September 13 Speaker:
Topic is:

October 4 Speaker: Borish Gershman, Urologist, BIDMC
Topic is: AUA meeting highlights.

November 1
Topic is: TBD

December 6
Topic is: TBD