Schedule of Programs

 Boston Prostate Cancer Support Group

2019 Meeting Dates

January 7  Speaker: Dr Glen Bubley
Topic is: Prostate cancer drugs: Classes of Agents, Cost and development.
6 pm: Dr Glen Bubley facilitates Women’s Group

February 4  Speaker: Dr Irving Kaplan
Topic is: Radiology Treatment
6 pm: TBD

March 4   Cancelled

April 1  Speaker: Dr Robert J. Carrasquillo
Topic is: Remedies for ED for Prostate cancer survivors.
6 pm: Women’s Group, Speaker Bill Tinney, Topic is: Side effects: What a man does not want their spouse and partner to know.

May 6  Speaker: Dr Harry Somers
Topic is: Discussing our concerns.
6 pm: Active Surveillance

June 3  Speaker: Dr Leo Tsai
Topic is:  Imaging of prostate cancer: Latest techniques and future directions.
6 pm: TBD

July 1  Speaker: Dr David J. Einstein
Topic is: Rising PSA after Surgery or Radiation: the Wild West of Prostate Cancer Care.
6 pm: Women’s Group

August 5  Speaker: Dr. Boris Gershman
Topic is: Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer: The Carpenter and the Tools
6 pm: Active Surveillance

September 9  Speaker: Dr. Marianne Brandon          Please note: This is the second Monday due to Labor Day holiday.
Topic is: Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer
6 pm: Women’s Group (Led by Dr. Marianne Brandon)

October 7  Speaker: TBD
Topic is: TBD
6 pm: Active Surveillance

November 4  Speaker: TBD
Topic is: TBD
6 pm: Women’s Group

December 2  Speaker: TBD
Topic is: TBD
6 pm: TBD