Schedule of Programs


Boston Prostate Cancer Support Group
2018 Meeting Dates

 January 8   Dr Phillip J. Gray, Radiation Oncologist at Hallmark Health & Tufts School of Medicine
Topic is: Radiation Therapy: How many treatments are the right number & ask a community doctor a question                                                                                                                                            6 pm: Dr. Glenn Bubley facilitates Women’s Group

February 5   Dr Glenn Bubley, Medical Oncologist, BIDMC.                                                                      Topic is: Targeted treatment: How Genetic Analysis might dictate Prostate Cancer treatment        6pm: Active Surveillance / Watchful Waiting

March 5 Dr Xiao Xiao Wei, MD,  DFCI                                                                                                          Topic is: Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA ) based imaging as well as PSMA-targeted therapies
6 pm   Dr Rupal Bhatt facilitates Women’s Group

April 2      Dr Linda Ng, Urologist , BMC                                                                                                  Topic is : Overcoming Incontinence as a result of Prostate Cancer  treatment                                     6pm: Active Surveillance / Watchful Waiting

May 7  Dr Philip Saylor, Medical Oncologist, MGH
Topic is: A Practical Approach to Survivorship despite Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatment.
6pm: Dr. Sarah Slater facilitates Women’s Group

June 4   Dr Ravi Kacker Urologist, BIDMC
Topic is:  Quality of Life after Prostate Cancer Treatment                                                                  6pm: Active Surveillance / Watchful Waiting

July 9  Dr Mary Ellen Taplin, Medical Oncologist, DFCI
Topic is: Treating localized High Risk Prostate Cancer                                                                              6 pm: Dr. Mary Ellen Taplin facilitates Women’s Group                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        August 6   Dr. Anthony D’Amico, MD, Radiation Oncologist, DFCI                                                          Topic is: Updates on Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials                                                                                  6pm: Active Surveillance / Watchful Waiting

September 17    Dr William DeWolf, Urologist BIDMC                                                                            Topic is: AUA Highlights and a Question and Answer session                                                          6pm:

October 8 Speaker TBD      Tentative Snow make-up date
Topic is TBD      Dr Marianne Brandon- Sex Therapist if don’t use snow date                                      6pm: Active Surveillance / Watchful Waiting

November 5 Dr Lauren C. Harshman, MD, Medical Oncologist, DFCI                                              Topic is: Immunotherapy
6pm:  Dr Lauren C. Harshman facilitates Women’s Group

December 10   Dr Marc Garnick, Medical Oncologist, BIDMC
Topic is:: Reviewing PC Articles that make the news. What’s behind the process?                              6 pm: