Boston Prostate Cancer Support Group and Education

People Supporting People

People Supporting People

The Golden Rules 

1-If you have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, NEVER have any treatment until you visit with the three prostate cancer specialists, one at a time. They are the Urologist (Surgeon), Radiation Oncologist, and Medical Oncologist. The latter does research, and sees patients.
2- Never forget Rule 1
3-One of the best sources of how good a doctor is, are his patients. Ignore how great or experienced he says he is.
4-Silence is your enemy. Tell every male you know about your cancer. Silence enables self serving doctors to continue to mistreat, or needlessly treat, men like you.
5-If you need treatment, know that there are treatments to overcome most side effects, so you can be dry and a better lover than before.
The penalty for omitting these rules, may be years, or a lifetime, of terrible side effects.
A doctor’s secretary, with one flick of an e-mail, can contact 25 of his patients, to ask them to contact you. If he is good, they will tell you.
You may not need treatment, because your cancer may be a low grade one, but the side effects may be major. Hundreds of thousands of men with prostate cancer are living over 20 years with a Good Quality of Life, without side effects from treatment !
Should you need treatment in the future, your survival is the same as if you were treated shortly after diagnosis.


Disclaimer and Introduction


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Boston Prostate Cancer Support Group 1 and Education Website

This very unique website is comprised of two entities
1-A section with Pro and Con Informational Articles and Comments for everyone regardless of where they live, and
2-Information about the Boston Prostate Cancer Support Group for people who have access to Boston.

The Informational and educational section of this website is extremely unique because it is not written by any physician’s organization or hospital, therefore it does not contain any biased comments or information. This educational information is for everyone, whether treated or in a delayed treatment / watchful waiting / Active Surveillance program.
The six (6) website segments2 contain articles written by well known and respected prostate cancer specialists. My commentaries only highlight what these learned people are saying or avoiding.
The information and opinions are the doctors, not mine. My comments are clearly indicated, and are based on inputs from almost 3000 men and their families who have attended the BPCSG for the past 20 years, plus extensive reading, attending hundreds of lectures, and being invited and attending major prostate cancer conventions around the country.
The information has both the pro’s and con’s of the issues, from experts who should know. The website is not selling any product or service, and is not soliciting any donations. Its purpose is to educate and disseminate the latest information.

For information about the Prostate Cancer Educational Topics, Please click on these topics:
Latest News
Active Surveillance / Watchfull Waiting
Causes and Prevention of Prostate Cancer
Diet and Nutrition
Recurrence after Treatment
Treatment Options
Treatment Side Effects
Doctor Bubley’s Answers
Other Sources of Information
Interviews With Your Prostate Cancer Doctors
Kegel (Pelvic Floor ) Exercises
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)
Understanding the TNM Prostate Cancer Staging System
Sexuality References for Everyone
Articles of Interest

The Boston Prostate Cancer Support Group is exceptionally unique because it is run by men who had or have prostate cancer, not by doctors or a hospital. We do have a Medical Advisor. Everyone is welcome to attend and learn from the 5 subgroup meetings and the speaker at the main meeting. There are no charges, or fees, and parking and refreshments are also free.This support group is for everyone, regardless or where you were treated, and also if you were diagnosed and not treated. There is something for everyone. We learn to Cope through Knowledge and Hope, and in camaraderie. Women are welcome at every meeting, and we have a special women’s group. For Information about the Boston Prostate Cancer Support Group please click on these topics:
Our History and Goals
Subgroup and Main Meeting Topics
Schedule of Programs
Where We Meet

Photographs and names of some of the Boston Prostate Cancer Support Group coordinators and Physician Adviser are shown below.

I honestly believe there is no other website like it. I urge you to please inform people you know about this website.

Note 1- The Boston Prostate Cancer Support Group was formerly called the Longwood Medical Area Prostate Cancer Support Group.
Note 2-The six segments are:  Active Surveillance / Watchful Waiting  /Delayed Treatment, Causes and Prevention, Diet and Nutrition, Recurrence, Treatment Options, and Treatment Side  Effects.

Below are photographs and names of the support group coordinators and Physician Advisor.

Stan Klein, Co-Founder and Facilitator

Stan Klein, Group Coordinator

Dr. Glen Bubley

Dr Glen Bubley, Physician Advisor

Frank Mc Caffery

Frank McCaffery, LICSW, Sub-Group Coordinator

Fran Klein, Group Coordinator
Gene Boylan, Sub-Group Coordinator
Gary Halvorsen, Sub-Group Coordinator
Fran Halvorsen, Sub-Group Coordinator
Bill Tinney, Sub-Group Coordinator
Al Forcucci, Website Technical Assistant